Running on Apple or Linux Computers

The downloaded Freq Seq programs can be run from the command line on windows or Ubuntu 14.04. Extra effort is required to run it on Apple or other Linux variants, though they successfully been run on both Mac OSX and other linux forms, and we will support this more fully if we get additional requests for it.

The Freq Seq programs are written in the C# language as it is currently the best for writing modular cross-platform code (which means the program is stable and usable) that is also able to easily utilize multiple processors on the same machine (which means the program runs very fast).

Unfortunately, most Linux and Apple installations do not have built in support for running C# code, so you must install a runtime before you can use the program.  Fortunately, this is easily accomplished by going to this website and installing the mono package for your respective operating system.  The website has additional support for this process.  Once this is done, you can simply run the programs as is done on a Windows machine, but you just need to type the word mono in the command prompt before you run the program.  For example:

mono freqout.exe -xml=Mysettings.xml DataFile.fastq

would run the console application.  Unfortunately, at this time the GUI is only available on Windows based machines, as this makes displaying the data generated on charts much easier.

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