I have written a lot over the years.  The ones that are well documented, I maintain and that are packaged for distribution can be obtained by clicking on the icons shown below.  In the future I might post by CRISPR region assembler, the LSODA->Java interface for fast ODE solving in BEAST and my genome resequencing mutation finder.  In the meantime, feel free to email me if you would like the code for those programs directly.




Accurate allele frequency estimation using Illumina Sequencing


Open Source Lab Automation Software. Now Hosted at Google Code.

The Clarity Monitor


If the power goes or another disaster strikes the computer running Clarity, this program will let you know, allowing for fail-safe error notification.

Growth Curve Analysis

Parses, fits and displays growth curve data generated by Clarity, implementing a variety of models for growth curves.  It also includes an interactive interpreter that has very good numeric capabilities and uses python, allowing you to use python code and libraries to manage data, fit curves, test models with AIC scores or likelihoods, etc.  The visualization abilities are its main advantage.