nigel delaney


These pages contain an overview of my research, software I have written and descriptions of  short research projects in a blog.



I study how interactions between mutations affects evolutionary trajectories and outcomes.

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Epistasic Interactions

Robots and Response Surfaces

I use laboratory automation and response surface methodologies to create protocols and methods that allow for experiments to be accurately and easily performed on a large scale.

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Lab Automation

Microbial Population Genetics

I study the dynamics of a pathogen population that parasitizes House Finches in order to better understand microbial population biology.

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Comparative Methods

I am creating explicit data generating models and methods of inference that simultaneous account for all sources of uncertainty in comparative method datasets.

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Epistasis and Association Studies

I have recently become interested in large datasets that attempt to infer causal relationships between genotypes and phenotypes while only accounting for population genetics in an approximate way.

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